Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My First Post :)

Well this is my first time posting a blog and well to say the least I'm a bit intimidated by the whole idea of a blog. See I don't write, I'm really bad at it and I can't spell. Don't believe me ask my sister! But I figure there is at least spell check so that "shouldn't" be to big a problem for me but as for my writing skills all I can say is read at your on risk!
Now on to the main reason I am doing this blog thing, my sister told me about a project her friend is doing on her blog called project 365. It totally fascinated me and I thought "hey, I can do that" . See all you "have" to do is take a picture a day of what ever strikes your fancy that day and blog a small sentence or two about the picture. So there you have it the birth of the "Have Camera will Shoot" blog! Oh and by the way just so you don't go getting all blog patrol on me, I may not remember to blog everyday it's just not how I roll :) but if I miss I'll try to post a few pictures to make up for it when I do and to be very precise mine will be project 360 well considering I've already missed about 5 days and I'm with in 2 min. of missing 6! So without further ado below is my picture of the day and my small sentence about it.


  1. "Its just not how I roll" you so stole that from me!
    I like the blog!

  2. I did NOT!!! I'm an original baby!! Glad my blog got your approval :p