Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project 365 January 7, 2010

This is a picture of our first car as a married couple. It's a 1993 Subaru Legacy (Like the best car int the world)! It has way over 200,000 miles on it and still runs great, well except the AC did die finally and as you all no you can't ride in a car with no AC in South Georgia. This car has been through so much in 16 years. I nearly totaled it not long after we got it, if it had not been almost brand new they would have totaled it but see we still owed allot on it so they fixed it up good as new. It moved with us from GA to AL to NOLA (that's short for New Orleans Louisiana) While living in NOLA we went through the worst hail storm I've ever been in, the hail was so big and numerous it looked like it had snowed. Needless to say the damage to our now paid for car was so much that they did total it this time. I had know idea that when they total your car and give you a check that if you want to keep your car you have to buy it back. So that's just what we did, see there was no way we were parting with our trusty Subaru. Oh and we can't forget the time the bulldog attacked her while trying to get to our two kittens, if you look closely you can see on the front wheel fender teeth marks where he chewed on her..... stinking dog! When we moved back to GA we had accumulated 2 other vehicles, we talked about selling her but we just could not part with her. Now here we are 16 years latter and she's still in the yard. Joel drives her sometimes when the gas prices get to crazy as they are subject to doing now days. He drove her just yesterday to pick up Lauren from school and the old Subaru was given the best complement she's ever been given, Lauren was excited to see her dad in the Subaru and when she got in the back seat she said "Dad this is great, it's just like GG's Corvette!" It still makes me laugh when I think about it. Just so you don't think Lauren is a tad "sight challenged" let me explain why she said that, she's been riding around in a Suburban or truck her entire life so anything low is like riding in GG's Vet! I do apologize for this being oh so much more then a sentence about my picture but hey this car is family and I could not post her picture with out you all understanding why she looks the way she does!

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